The first winery made my an Omodhos inhabitant, Rodis Herodhotou.
Rodis was lived in todays Turkish occupied Lapithos with his wife Maroulla and was an policeman. After 1974 was moved to Limassol and stayed there and work also in the police force in town. Meanwhile he took a storehouse in the middle of the village at the end of '70s, and made his first wine and gave it the name Linos, after the old house of making wine with the name "Ëçíïò" that means in Greek big store house of making wine.
old storehouse   the old storehouse where Rodis first made his wine with the name Linos.

After 1991 he bought land outside the village to the south and built new premises, his new winery with all the latest technology and his house to live in.
    He produce local red wine, white and rose together with the new variety the cabernet saubignon.
outside view
outside of the winery
bottles of wine
bottles of linos wine
staineless steel
the stainless steel for making the wine
filling machine
the bottle filling machine