The second winery establish in Omodhos at 1992 in vineyard belong to Marios Ioannides (took its name from his first name), little outside the village on the south slots. On the first level was a tasting room and vine bar but unfurtunatly there was a fire on December 24, 2000 that distroyed everything. (the roof was wooden).
You can see it in this picture.
     There are to stairs and on the top its seen the vinebar (photo taken on August 2000)
    Today Marios rebuilt the place and the photo of the finished one on the time been.
    Behind the winebar its the main factory of the winery with the filling machine, the stainless steel for the mature of the wine and on the basement the cellars that the bottles is kept out.
    Today's Marion had a selling shop in a small room in the house of him just little south from the big square where you can find all the kind of wine that the winery is producting.
marion outside
an outside view
bottles of wine
stainless steel
the stainless steel for making the wine
bottles in carton
carton with bottles of wine in 2 or 3
bottles of wine
outside view 
outside view